It’s possible to come and help on the project.


Why volunteer?

This is by volunteering in various projects and training ourself in Natural Building and Permaculture that we have acquired the knowledge and the confidence to start our project. We believe that everyone can build their own home and live the way he choose and that is why working as a volunteer is a chance that you offer to yourself to discover and learn in different areas that seem important.

Participate in a project is a way to learn, understand and practice before embarking on his own adventure. Use this time to do things well, because it’s a way to assimilate and understand to be ready for the day you will face the same situation.

As in all projects there are things that one loves more than others, there are topics that attract us and others on which we don’t like so much. But all stages are essential. It must be understood that it is impossible for us to promise that the volunteers will work in the field of their choice. La Casita Mandala is built every day a little more. This is why we recommend to participate on a long period of time which will give volunteers the opportunity to experiment different subjects.

How to participate?

For that you can ask on this web page :  Casita Mandala (it’s in french but you can send us a message in english). It’s free and really quick to subscribe. It’s very easy for us to recolect all the participations  and manage just one volunteer page.


La Casita Mandala is a simple place, vegetarian, no smoking and no alcohol. We made the choice of a healthy diet, local / organic and seasonal.

Coming to the Casita Mandala is a commitment to respect his human and ecological values. We ask volunteers to respect schedules and some rules that we have set and that fit our philosophy of life.

We ask a small participation fee of 5 Euros / day in order to offer good, varied and healthy food (organic/local and seasonal).

To facilitate the life on site, every day a little time is devoted to community tasks (30 min). From time to time help in the preparation of meals / dishes are also expected

We reserve the right to ask a volunteer to leave the site even if its participation period is not over.

We cannot commit ourselves to the demands of several months volunteering until we have not met the volunteer, discussed the expectations of everybody and see the feeling between us.

We ask volunteers to have health insurance/travelling insurance in case of accident

We are working from Monday to Friday. The Weekends are off.


8-9h : Breakfast

9h-11h : Work on site

11h : Morning Tea (15min)

11h-13h : Work on site

13h-14h30 : Lunch and break

14h30 – 15h : Community tasks

15h-19h : work on site (and afternoon tea)

20h : Dinner

What to bring

Health/travel insurance

Sleeping bag (it could be cold at night)

Working clothes

Boots (it’s raining a lot in Asturias and we are working with mud ;o)

Working shoes

Flip flop for inside

We provide ecological and biodegradable soap / shampoo, however if you wish to bring your own products make sure to check that they are.

Towel and personal belongings

Yoga mat for those who practice regularly

Music instrument




Hasta luego!

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