What is it?

carte-chemin-engPaths to santiago de Compostela annually attract more than 250,000 pilgrims on the roads.If they are more and more year after year, if they are enthusiastic, if they have emotion in the voice, if they go back again and again, it is because something is happening…

But what?


You have probably around you people who have already walked it once or more, alone or in a group, starting from home, from France or elsewhere.

Ask them, talk to them. What makes this experience unique? Why did they leave walker and come back Pilgrim? Why would this be very simplistic to only associate this pilgrimage to its religious character?

pourquoi2Because The Way of St. James is, first of all, a way of  Life. It’s a long time that you take for yourself, to slow down, to leave this frenetic life that leads you, sometimes, in spite of yourself, always faster, always further …

The Way is this time to ask the right questions, to learn about yourself, humbly with your strengths and weaknesses, your greatness and your limitations.

It is a path that brings everyone to the same level no matter where you come from, your age or your culture. It’s true, we all have pain in our legs, we all have a “fu…ing” heavy backpack and we all have a snorer in the next bed. We all struggle with the same way, but for us all we keep going, step by step, at our own pace, to santiago and to ourselves.

Walk the Way is simple : eating, sleeping, moving. You realize that smiles and kindness nourish your soul, that simplicity brings lightness and contributes greatly to happiness. And precisely happiness is all around you, obvious but often overflown by lack of time. It is in thehello” of a neighbor, it is in a beer you share with other pilgrims after a long day,  it is in the sunshine that pierces the clouds and illuminates your path, it is in these multiple and colorful meetings that build your Way. At the end you understand that you don’t need much to feel good.

The Way gives you the strength to follow your dreams and to follow your heart



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