EVERYthing is possible

In may 2015 we started a crowdfunding campaign to help to finance our project.

After 45 days, almost 14 000 euros had been collected. More than 200 people from all over the world participate to help building La Casita Mandala. Thank you so much to all of them!





Sounds complicated, but in reality it is very simple.

The Crowdfunding is an alternative way to finance a project, thinking than 200 persons giving 50 euros represent 10 000 euros funding.

It allows all those who are interested in the project  to contribute to the adventure. In return they receive a great reward depending on the amount of their contribution.

Beyond the financial aspect, the Crowdfunding is a chance for us to see that if you have a dream that has meaning and limitless motivation there are solutions and alternative paths to finance it.


This Crowdfunding campaign financed:

Roof renovation and insulation

Electricity renovation

Interior restoration for pilgrims



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