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Permaculture is the harmonious integration of human being in his environment so he can feed his needs : food, energy, housing, etc … to live sustainably.

It is a way to design his environment by respecting 3 ethics principles:

– Taking care of the earth (soil, forests and water)

– Taking care of human being (oneself, the community and future generations)

– Share equitably (limit consumption, redistribute surpluses)


We live in a world where we often talk about what is wrong. We talk about climate changes, we talk about environmental problems, we feel guilty … but there is little talk of successful initiatives, solutions, possibilities.

This is Permaculture, this is real. Solutions exist, we can do our part. Permaculture gives us hope that things can change.

It works and It’s worth to be shared, to be shown.



The Way of St. James is, first of all, a way of  Life. It’s a long time that you take for yourself, to slow down, to leave this frenetic life that leads you, sometimes, in spite of yourself, always faster, always further …

The Way is this time to ask the right questions, to learn about yourself, humbly with your strengths and weaknesses, your greatness and your limitations.

It is a path that brings everyone to the same level no matter where you come from, your age or your culture.

Walk the Way is simple : eating, sleeping, moving. You realize that smiles and kindness nourish your soul, that simplicity brings lightness and contributes greatly to happiness. At the end you understand that you don’t need much to feel good.

The Way gives you the strength to follow your dreams and to follow your heart.


THE casita Mandala

So what better place than The Way of St. James to share the values of Permaculture? With people who take the time to think about their life, when they ask themselves what they want to do and what they want for the world?

The Casita Mandala is a small ecological pilgrims’s hostel on voluntary donations on the Primitive Way in Spain

The idea is to offer to pilgrims a healthy, comfortable and warm place to rest. And we will offer vegetarian meals, prepared with products from our garden.

The Casita Mandala will work on donation, that means there will be no fixed price. Everyone would give the price according to what seems right to him and what he can afford.





A number of actions will be developed to share the Principles of Permaculture :


Natural Buildings : Green roofs, Cob walls and floor …

Sustainable Energy management : Solar water heater, solar dryer and oven, Rocket stove…

Sustainable water management : Rainwater harvesting, Water treatment by Phytopurification…

Sustainable waste management : dry toilets, compost, recycling…

Production of a Healthy food : bio-intensive garden, food forest…


Who are we?


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