The adventure begins!


After 10 month waiting for administratives things to be solved, we finally bought the house! We are so happy to start the construction and renovate of the place. As you can see there is a lot to do! But you can find beauty behind all this!

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The small house is situated in the small village of San Marcelo, Asturias, Spain, about 34km after Oviedo and 5 km after Grado on the Primitive Way

We´ll post news on the web site for you to see the evolution. Don´t hesitate to come here and have a look.

That’s it!

So this is it!


We’ve spent the last 2 months preparing! We’ve been:

  • creating the website and Facebook page
  • designing business cards, drawings, rewards and comics
  • developing the video presentation,
  • conducting meetings of all kinds
  • soliciting Crowd-funding donations on Ulule

And all this translated into different languages! That’s what happens when you have an Argentine partner and English friends!

We are ready!lancement-eng


We would like to thank Lucas especially for the huge help making the movies. Many thanks to Pierre, Charles and Sylvain for their humor, their ideas and their bullshit, and all those who have expressed their support for us during the whole preparation process.

We do a lot of communication work. We’re going to need the help of all those who believe in the project, to share information and spread content about the Casita Mandala.

Obviously, if the project and the values of the Casita Mandala resonate with you, please give us a financial boost. Imagine if 200 people gave 50 euros. That’s 10 000 euros!

To support Casita Mandala click on the black owl :


This is a first experiment, and we are charging ahead with tons of motivation and positive energy. We’re also listening to all the comments, ideas, questions and encouragement!

This is a human project to share simple values that are ecological, too. We believe that together we can make things happen!!

Thank you all for participating in this great adventure with us!